Why Lintell Solutions

Lintell Solutions is an IT solutions company that provides services in Web and Mobile Application development.

Expert Service

Make our expertise work for you avoiding all pitfalls that we’ve learned from over the years

Value for Money

Open Source Stack that is battle tested, big bang for a buck with our services

On-time delivery

On time, within budget

Technical Decisions that will grow your Business

Leverage power of Mobile and Web Technologies to make your organizations more Agile

Not just Technology. We provide flexibility

You can count on us! Get support during wee hours when you need the most

We understand you need support when you need it, we will be glad to help. Our team is always prompt on replying to your emails.

Our Services

Lintell Solutions has worked in different verticals, following are some of our offering organized by Technical areas:

Data Science

Data Science is one of the Lintell Solution's core competencies.

Product Development

With team of good full-stack developers, we've specialized in Product Development for our clients.

Technical Consulting

Lintell Solutions provides consulting services on case by case basis.

Web App Development

Python has stood the test of time at Lintell Solutions.

Mobile Application Development

In past we've experimented with Hybrid Application Development platforms like Cordova.

Re-Engineering Projects

Re-writing a legacy application into a newer and more maintainable technology stack is challenging.

Each organization has a process, this allow them to deliver services in an efficient manner. Although there are many Software Engineering methodologies, we use a mix of both Waterfall and Agile. At Lintell Solution we believe in taking a pragmatic approach as opposed to choosing a camp, especially in an era where things are fast moving. So what part of our process is more Waterfall like than Agile? We do the following studies that are taken from Waterfall playbook.

Requirements Gathering

We do an extensive requirements gathering, which cover the following sections :

Feasibility Study

Depending on the Project {either Re-Engineering or Web App Development} Lintell Solutions may conduct a Feasibility Study.


Lintell Solutions has entered into a strategic alliance with Fafadia Tech. We hope to leverage the synergistic relationship to help customers attain their business objectives. Here are a few testimonials for our work

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